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Hex Dumbbell set

No home gym is complete without a set of dumbbells. Between watching those puppies jumping into snow and Dr Pimple Popper videos, you’re probably tired of searching the internet for the perfect set. 

Well, put down your phone, laptop or whatever else connects to the internet because we’re going to tell you why our Hex dumbbells set with stand is the perfect choice for your home set up. 

Our Hex Dumbbells – the lowdown

They’re hardwearing and robust 

Thanks to their rubber coating, hex dumbbells are incredibly hardwearing and robust. If you’re in the market for dumbbells that last, these have your name on them. 

Can hex dumbbells break? Hex dumbbells are sturdy pieces of kit, and providing you look after them; you’ll be best buddies for a long time. Oh, by the way, our hex dumbbells come complete with a space-saving rack – great for keeping your hex dumbbells in tip-top shape. 

They feel and look the part

Protective rubber and black colour give our hex dumbbells a quality look and feel. The top-quality appearance fits nicely into any home gym setup. The Knurled grip handle provides maximum grip without compromising comfort.

They’re quiet 

The rubber coating on our hex dumbbells helps to minimise noise when you’re in full beast mode. This is especially beneficial for the home gym. 

Whether you want to workout before the kids are awake, or you’ve got one of those neighbours who complain at the sound of a pin drop, hex dumbbells have got your back. 

The HyGYM Complete Hex Dumbbell Set with Stand: What you’re getting 

Our HyGYM hex dumbbells set with stand includes; 

  • 2 x 5KG,
  • 2 X 7.5KG
  • 2 X 10KG
  • 2 X 15KG
  • 2 X 20KG
  • 2 X 25Kg

(Stand dimensions: 106 height, 54cm length, 41cm width)

Ranging from 5kg to 25kg mean you can go to town during your workouts – build your strength, size and definition.  

Our hex dumbbells can be used for compound movements such as squats, overhead press, and deadlifts, as well as isolated exercises like lateral raises and tricep extensions. The world literally is your oyster with this set.

Are hex dumbbells better than round dumbbells?

A 20kg hex dumbbell weighs exactly the same as a 20kg rounded dumbbell. So, what’s the fuss about? How do different dumbbells affect your workout? Sit down with your favourite post-workout shake, and we’ll tell you all about it…

Hex dumbbells don’t roll – have you ever chased a rounded dumbbell halfway across your home gym because of an uneven floor? It’s annoying and takes valuable time away from your training session, particularly if you’re having a cheeky lunchtime workout, or you’ve got that ‘all-important’ zoom meeting on in the background (Tip – make sure you turn your webcam off). 

Shape matters… the fact that hex dumbbells won’t roll is important if you want to do certain floor exercises such as renegade rows or those gnarly landmine single-arm rows. They’re hard enough already without the worry of spending the night in A & E because you’ve split yourself in half courtesy of your arch-nemesis – the rounded dumbbell. 

Rounded dumbbells are great, but for the home gym – keep it hex. 

Our top 5 Hex dumbbell exercises 

Don’t know what to do with hex dumbbells? Please don’t panic; we’ve put together our top 5 hex dumbbell exercises for your pleasure.

The hex Dumbbell Bench Press

Hex dumbbells offer a great range of motion, allowing you to really target those pecs. A well-performed hex dumbbell bench press will also work your triceps and front delts. The key to maximising this exercise is to compress at the peak of the movement – make sure you squeeze those pecs. 

  1. Grab two hex dumbbells and press them into one another using a neutral grip. You can do this either flat, inclined or on a decline. 
  2. Continue to press them into each other as you lower to your chest by letting your elbows and triceps move away from each other. This will create a triangle-like shape as you lower the dumbbells.
  3. When you hit your chest, pause for 2-seconds or so before driving your elbows back together. 
  4. Keep a slight bend in your elbows and squeeze the hell out of the contraction for 2-3-seconds.
  5. Repeat

In need of a bench? Say no more. Check out our HyGYM adjustable power weight bench. 

Bicep Curl

The bicep curl – a must for a well-sculpted bicep. The bicep curl is all about control, and here’s how you do it:   

  1. Hold a hex dumbbell in both hands and stand upright 
  2. Use a supinated grip and keep your elbows tight to the torso
  3. Curl the dumbbells towards shoulder level keeping your upper arms fixed 
  4. Contract at the top of the movement 
  5. Return to starting position 
  6. Repeat

Tricep Kickbacks

Kickbacks are one of the most effective exercises for developing the tricep, but they’re easy to get wrong. Don’t get it wrong; just follow our 7 simple steps below, and you’ll be fine:

  1. Use a flat bench and sit a dumbbell on the left-hand side at one end
  2. Position yourself on the left side of the bench with your right knee and right hand resting on the bench
  3. Pick up the dumbbell with your left hand using a neutral grip. Keep your back straight and look forward
  4. Tuck your left upper arm close to your torso and bend at the elbow, forming a 90-degree angle with your upper arm and forearm. This is your starting position
  5. Moving only at the elbow, raise the dumbbell behind you until your arm is fully extended
  6. Pause, and then lower the dumbbell back to the starting position
  7. Repeat and then repeat using your right arm

Bent-Over Row

The bent-over row is an all-time classic. It’s simple to do and is a great back builder. Here’s how:

  1. Grab a set of your hex dumbbells, bend your torso forward and keep your knees slightly bent.
  2. Pull the dumbbells toward your waist while squeezing your shoulder blades.
  3. Slowly lower the weights to the starting position.
  4. Repeat

Renegade Rows      

The renegade row is built for hex dumbbells. It’s great for your core strength and a fantastic upper body builder. 

  1. With dumbbells in your hands (neutral grip), prop yourself up to plank position
  2. Drive your right arm through the dumbbell into the floor, keep your body tensed, and row the left dumbbell up and to the side of your rib cage. Keep your elbow up and back.
  3. Keep your body stable and slowly lower the dumbbell back to the floor
  4. Repeat and alternate

If you work out at home, chances are you would have incorporated dumbbells into your training regime. Hex dumbbells are a ‘must-have’ for your home gym. If you’re continuously changing weights, picking them up, and putting them down, it’s about time you made the switch over to our hex dumbbell set.

We’ve told you why we love them. So, what’s your favourite thing about our hex dumbbell set?

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