FAQ for adjustable dumbbells

FAQ for adjustable dumbbells

adjustable dumbbells

Q) How much do the adjustable dumbbells weight?

A) Our HyGYM adjustable dumbbells currently come in two variations; we have the 24KG dumbbells and the 40KG.

Q) Why are its so expensive?

A) You must remember this is not your average pair of dumbbells, buying the Adjustable saves you having to purchase and store multiple individual dumbbells and a rack. Therefore, you could be saving money as well as saving on space in your home gym, giving you more space for your home work out.

Q) Are they safe?

A) Yes! Like any weight-lifting exercises, there comes a small risk of injury. However, our dumbbells come with spring collars allowing the weight plates to keep securely attached and therefore keeping you safe, meaning you can focus on your workout routine.

Q) Where can I buy ?

A) You can purchase your weight lifting equipment in the HyGYM online shop. We stock both 24KG dumbbells and 40KG dumbbells. Simply click here or visit the shop.

Q) Can you drop it?

A) We don’t recommend it; the cast iron is coated in plastic for safety and aesthetic reasons. If dropped from a height, or dropped regularly, they will get damaged and could invalidate your warranty.

Q) What are the best adjustable dumbbells to buy?

A) Naturally, we would be a little bit biased, but we truly believe the adjustable weights are the best on the market and that’s why we are the only business offering a 24-month warranty with your weights.