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You can find your product batch ID on your order confirmation receipt. We will keep this page updated as and when we receive new updates.

Please Note we are experiencing delays with stock entering the U.K in the form of congestion backlog. Your continued Patience is very much appreciated, feel free to contact the team using the contact form on the homepage.

Product Batch IDEstimated Delivery DateStatusNotesPredicted Delivery DatesDocuments
(Notice of Arrival)
901819th – 23rd AprilDelayed Started dispatching to customers 24th May – 11th JuneView
1059517th – 21st MayDelayedCongestion on UK Arrival7th – 11th June
1060221st – 25th JuneOn ScheduleAwaiting NOA
1060614th – 18th JuneOn scheduleAwaiting NOA
107523rd – 7th MayDelayedCongestion on UK Arrival31st May – 4th June
1114217th -21st MayDelayed Congestion on UK Arrival7th – 11th JuneAwaiting NOA
1115431st May – 4th JuneDelayed-Congestion on UK Arrival14th – 19th JuneAwaiting NOA
1153814th – 18th JuneDelayed Congestion on UK ArrivalAwaiting NOA
1165831st May – 4th JuneDelayedStarted dispatching to customers 7th – 19th JuneAwaiting NOA