Payments FAQs

Train now, pay later with Klarna

  • Pay in 14 days or pay in 3 monthly installments
  • No interest, no fees and no impact on your credit score
  • Simply, add items to your cart, choose Klarna at checkout and pay securely.
  • Your payment period starts when your order is shipped.

What is Klarna?

KLARNA is a Sweden based payment system that is safe and secure and serves over 60 million customers worldwide. KLARNA is a buy now, pay later service that lets you spread the cost of a purchase. To use KlARNA simply add your items to your cart, choose KLARNA at checkout and pay securely. 

How do Klarna payments work?

You will need to create and log in to a KLARNA account in order to buy the equipment you require. Once you have selected the equipment you will need to decide what kind of payment you want to use. These payments come automatically out of your account once you have entered your details on the account. Your payment period starts when your order is shipped.

Which types of payments are available?

You can either choose to pay the full amount within 14 days or have the payment split into 3 easy payments. With the 3 payments simply enter your payment details and after a month the first of three instalments will be paid. There is no interest and once the third payment has been made the transaction is complete.

How does Pay After Delivery work?

After the product has been delivered you are able to pay for it later, either within 14 days with the full amount, or with our 3 instalment system that allows you to pay 3 instalments over the course of 3 months. 

Can I pay before the due date?

Yes, you can go to the KLARNA website and log in with the email address associated with your payment, then select the statement you would like to pay earlier.

How does Pay in 3 Instalments work?

KLARNA is a Sweden With the 3 payments simply enter your payment details and every month an instalment will be paid. The first payment will come out automatically after 30 days, the next two will come out after 30 and 60 days respectively. There is no interest and once the third payment has been made the transaction is complete.

What do I need to provide when I make a purchase?

If If you want to use the pay in 3 instalments you will need to provide your phone number, your email address, your current billing address and a valid debit/credit card. All communications will be sent to your email address.

Why are some payment options not available?

There are a variety of reasons and details that may affect your ability to use the pay later method including address, amount of order, previous order history and item availability. You will also need to pass our financial assessment. You will need to be 18 and have provided accurate details to us. 

Who is eligible for Pay in 3 Instalments?

You must be over 18 to be eligible for the 3-instalment payment and while it is very available you will still be required to have some basic form of financial assessment to ensure you will be able to complete the payments. No assessment we conduct will have any effect on your credit score. 

Can these payments impact my credit rating?

With KLARNA there are no additional fees, no interest and neither your payments nor a late payment will affect your credit score in any way.

What happens if I make a return?

If you need to make a return check the retailers return instructions and ensure you keep the tracking number of your return. Log into your KLARNA account and select “Report a return” which will pause your return. You will receive an adjusted invoice once the return has been registered. 

What if there is a problem with the order?

You will not need to pay the statement until you have received your order. We would recommend that you contact the supplier. There is a “report a problem” button when you log in to your account that will allow you to get in touch with KLARNA over the order. This will also pause your statement. 

What happens if I don’t pay the 14 days statement?

If you are unable to pay within the 14 days allocated by the KLARNA statement then you will be unable to buy more products through KLARNA and KLARNA may be required to use external debt collection agencies to collect the debt. This is however a last resort.

What happens if I don’t pay in the 3 instalments statement?

The KLARNA 3 payment scheme allows you to pay for a piece of equipment in 3 instalments every month which will come automatically out of your bank account when you enter your details on your KLARNA account. If for whatever reason you are unable to make these payments or the transaction is rejected KLARNA will make another attempt to collect the payment 7 days after the first attempt. If this also fails then this amount will be added to your final amount due date. If this final instalment also fails then you will need to pay the full amount within 15 days. Your credit score will not be affected by missed payments and you will not incur interest, however, if the final payment is not made in full then KLARNA may be required to engage with external debt collection agencies. This is however a last resort.