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Gotcha….. Aren’t you tired of seeing these misleading articles and youtube videos? Often laden full of photoshopped images and click-bait headlines, rammed with advertisements?

Often these ‘get ripped quick’ articles and videos claim you can change your body in a matter of days, a 6-pack in 30 days, bigger arms in 7 and so on…often displaying images that are very badly photoshopped. Clearly a lot of these articles, whilst they do sometimes have good content, carry headlines that are totally unrealistic for newcomers to the fitness arena, just starting out on their fitness journey and even to people with experience.

It is nothing new that doctored images in the media create an unrealistic, manipulated perception. Let’s face it, the media have been portraying sometimes completely unobtainable images since editing programmes like photoshop were released and we have seen this seep into the fitness industry for marketing props. 

We couldn’t believe what our eyes were seeing recently when a brand had a perfectly fine looking model actually insert bum implants down the back of her leggings before the photo shoot began! Clearly, this wouldn’t be disclaimed and it had us shaking our heads in complete disbelief. The video was posted by our friend at Abbzfit, you can view it here – 

Not only is this completely misleading for anyone viewing the final shoot pics, but it’s just plain wrong and only contributes further to the world’s problem of ‘body image issues.

There is no quick fix for anyone wanting to change and feel better about themselves, not least viewing toxic content that big brands get away with, create your own journey, get the right advice and equipment and plan a progressive routine that’s a way of life

Working out as a way of life:

Whilst this month brings lots of enthusiasm to make a change there is no quick fix, to getting ripped – whether it’s January or December any time is the perfect time to take a long-term look at what you want your fitness goals to be and design a plan to reach your goals. Getting fit and healthy often ranks high in everyone’s list of resolutions for the new year, however, this is also one of the most difficult ones to achieve for many people starting out. The main reason is that exercise can’t be seen as a quick fix. Instead, acquiring a weight training plan coupled with long-term healthy habits that will stay with you, throughout the year, is the only way to succeed.  

Long-term benefits

Working out is a way of life. Getting fit and ripped, increasing your mass is a long-term goal, 

Having a long-term plan is the only way to go and that’s why the Personal training arena is so effective and why it has been a growing industry, you only have to look at the success of our friends at OriGym what have grown a new industry of PTs that can help you long term, from anywhere. Whether you are getting expert advice online at home or visiting a purpose-built PT home gym for 1-on1 tailored advice, the reason why having a PT is so successful for achieving goals is that they breed consistency and the correct training your body type requires. 

But at HyGYM we can also help you build your dream garage or home gym that will give you the apparatus to create your own long term fitness and gains plan that can transform your body (and mind) over time. Look, once you get your HyGYM rig in place and set up, we are not saying you won’t start feeling and seeing the benefits immediately, you will definitely feel stronger after just one week of training consistently (consistency is key!) But realistically you are just not going to become He-Man or The Rock overnight! For any newcomer, it will take a good six months to really start seeing the benefits of training consistently. 

You also have to ensure that your body is correctly fueled for these gains too, (nutrition for gains will follow in another HyGYM blog!) With time and consistency you can obtain all the physical and mental benefits that a long term plan can give you, such as weight control, bigger muscle mass, definition not to mention preventing diseases, improving mood, boosting energy, better sleep, and better mental health overall.  Your training will become part of your life and transform it!

Making and right start and creating permanent habits

Whilst to make certain gains and to gain overall strength it is paramount that you have a set weekly training programme for your desired goals and stick to it, progressively increasing and starting at the bottom of the HyGYM weight categories.

Clearly, it is also so important that you don’t go lifting silly weights that your body can’t handle to reach a ripped body, you will only do yourself serious damage that could also be irreversible. We will be posting our ideal yearly weight training plan for the newcomer this year, work-out ideas and correct form with our influencers and ambassadors, for you to follow along and get the most of your HyGYM kit.

Along with implementing a key training programme, you can also Integrate short periods of activity in your daily routine (before work, during your lunch break, etc.) Even if you are tired after work, it is a well-known fact that exercising will actually help boost your energy, that feeling you get after a run? You can also feel this after a hard workout. Boosting endorphins in the body.

Having goals can be beneficial, but make them achievable, measurable and realistic. Tracking your habits and progress will help show you the realistic progress and achievements you’re making and give you a true sense of pride. It’s really important to see the true progress you are making for yourself.

Following a healthy diet that is not boring and sustainable in the long term. Eating healthy food, without obsessing about it (just trying to make healthier choices when buying groceries, avoiding processed foods and fast food, but integrating your favourite foods). And if your training consistently then of course supplementation can help too. We will be bringing you an incoming blog on nutrition and supplements very soon.


Overcoming new year obstacles

Don’t see it as a chore:

Exercise can feel like a chore at the beginning. The good news is, once you make it a habit, you will start to really enjoy it and you won’t be able to live without it. So you won’t be ripped in 21 days, but 21 days to create the best habit of your life.

It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing:

You don’t have to force yourself to spend hours doing exercises that you hate. Starting with small amounts of regular exercise will make you more likely to stick with it. Also, integrating small habits such as walking more or cycling to work will help boost your overall fitness and stop you from getting injuries when you do your intensive training parts.


The quick fixes that promise to give you abs of steel in 30 days don’t actually work. You won’t get super fit overnight, but you will see incredible results if you are persistent. Remember that every day you train will be a step closer to any goal you set out. 

Finding motivation:

Of course, we are biased but getting quality equipment from HyGYM and creating your dream home gym is a good place to start with motivation, along with pulling on your gym wear and dressing for the occasion, give yourself the right tools for your new way of life. Find a buddy to train with and invite them around, having someone else to bounce off of is great for motivation and brings out the competitor in you! Listen to Music while working out – time flies when you’re listening to your favourite artists (if your set-ups in the garage rig up some speakers and annoy your neighbours, forget earbuds) Reward yourself, not with cookies (unless their Fitcookies!) Seriously, if you smash your planned routine and stick at it for a month – go out and buy some new gym kit or workout wear. Start early in the day, box it off and feel energised for the rest of it. Above all, be realistic, plan and visualise your goals. Don’t set unrealistic targets and log your progression, you will feel a sense of pride when you do start seeing your results in due time. 

Now we’ve set the tone, following on from this we will be bringing you future blogs and videos on – 

Nutrition – Protein and supplementation / Meal planning and prep, what to eat and when.

Home-Gym Set-ups, the equipment you need for successful progression and consistency 

Work-out Programs – Dumbbell / Barbell / Squat Rack / Dip Bar

Realistic goals – achieving your targets without sustaining injuries / True Form 

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