It’s time to conquer those pull-ups…

The dreaded pull-ups work your shoulders, biceps, forearms, core muscles, as well as the traps and lats and, are one of the best all-round upper back exercises you can do on our HyGYM Multi-Gym Squat Rack. However, pull-ups can be one of the most challenging exercises to learn for anyone whether you’re starting your fitness journey or an experienced gym-goer form is paramount to performing pull-ups correctly and without injuries.

Our 4 pack of HyGYM heavy-duty latex resistance pull-up and workout bands are the best solution to make you a pull-up master. Using the resistance bands to workout unlocks more than 100 different exercises we have listed just a few of the favourites below – 

  • Lateral Raises
  • Squats
  • Chest Press.
  • Leg Press
  • Bicep Curl
  • Seated Calf Press
  • Tricep Press

A tried and tested method for learning how to pull up. The 4-pack of latex resistance bands can be looped around your HyGYM Multi-Gym pull-up bar and sit either under your feet or knees to give you help on the way back up! The strong resistance bands provide you incredible support and stability helping develop your strength and power, off-setting your bodyweight so you only have to lift a percentage. The bigger the resistance band, the less weight you have to lift.

The beauty of this set is that they come in 4 different weight categories helping you to progressively get better at the pull-up! You can start with the green or purple bands, which will give you the most help and once you feel stronger and more confident with your pull-ups, you can progress to the black band and then progress further to the red band.

RED – 15-35LBS 2080mm Length, 13mm Thickness

BLACK – 25-65LBS, 2080mm Length, 22mm Thickness

PURPLE – 35-85LBS, 2080mm Length, 32mm Thickness

GREEN – 50-125LBS, 2080mm Length, 45mm Thickness


HyGYM Resistance bands


The perfect companion for CrossFit, powerlifting and home workouts.

The HyGYM 100% latex resistance bands are an excellent choice because you can train your whole body while increasing strength and power. Resistance bands can also help with rehabilitation, injury prevention and muscle recovery along with increasing mobility and flexibility.

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