HyGYM Multi Gym Squat Rack


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  • Squat rack
  • Diameter of holes in upright; 25mm
  • Diameter of upright; 50mm
  • Pull up bar (up to 200kg load)
  • Dual cable pulley system suitable for BOTH for 2.5 and 5cm weight plates (up to 100kg load )
  • Pulley Attachments Included
  • Adjustable dip handles (upto 300kg load)
  • Steel J-cups suitable for Olympic 6′ and 7′ Barbells (up to 300kg load)
  • Safety pins (upto 300kg load)
  • Height – 205cm/220cm
  • Width – 112cm
  • Depth – 140cm

The pull-up bar can be installed upside down to save space. 4 x M10 80mm hex bolts and spacers are required to do this and not included.

Checkout the squat rack in action > HyGYM Multi Gym Squat Rack video


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The Multi-Gym squat rack from HyGYM is an economical range of power cage that boasts multiple functions ideal for all your workout needs, offering great functionality and performance, perfect for home or personal gym users.

At 86 inches in height, with a 50mm steel frame, this piece of kit is designed to be at home, in any home garage gym or personal gym set up. Rated with a max capacity of 400KG, you will be able to keep on achieving your desired workout goals from the comfort of your own home.

This rack comes complete with a wide range of features to optimise your training space including dual thickness pull-up bars, Solid steel j-cups with safety lock keeping you and your bar safe. The pulley system can be used to store up to six plates and add stability to your rack during your body-weight training.

Our multi-gym squat rack comes complete with a cable pulley system that has two anchor points allowing you to work all muscle groups. Soft touch handles are included, allowing you to train triceps and complete full extension dips. The multi-gym also benefits from two solid safety pins to ensure your safety during your workout.

All the key features you would expect from a professional standard power squat rack and more, in one compact and versatile package.


HyGYM Multi Gym Squat Rack video


Our Multi-Gym squat rack comes complete with a 24-month warranty to give you complete peace of mind.

*Please note: Bar and weights NOT included with purchase.  Instruction manual below;

Squat Rack Instructions (Blue)

Weight36 kg
Dimensions204 × 29 × 13 cm

Blue, RED

33 reviews for HyGYM Multi Gym Squat Rack

  1. Sam H

    I literally have this and some weights and dont need anything else, good job I don’t have the space lol

  2. James

    Spot on!

  3. Lisa Marie

    Took longer than orignally stated – very happy now 😀

  4. Tom

    Received mine later than stated but really happy with it. Now I will never have to pay for a gym membership again

  5. Mitch

    A new business plus covid equals delays; so this was expected and understood. Great communication throughout delays. Reasonably happy; faults with this bit of kit come down to differences in what is received compared to what is advertised. What is shown as silver is either black or red. Pull up station doesn’t fit to insides as shown, it fits on top. The long chain shown for the low row was in fact 3 short chains which I have had to use as extensions for the pulley system as cords were not long enough. Instructions were not included; however they are on the website (though these ones seem to be for a different model).
    All in all though, I am very happy with my purchase and only give one star lower than full for the differences to advertised: EASILY MANAGED.

  6. Richard

    Basically everything Mitch has mentioned above. Good comms all the way through as Covid made a big impact on delivery. The pull up station only fits one way and that’s the way on the pic.
    I haven’t attached the pulley system yet but will try tomorrow. I might be calling the office if the cables are too short. The instructions are non existent apart from the basic ones on the website.
    Overall, happy with the kit and my son loves it. One of the locking bracket housings was bent but that was soon fixed with a bit of brute force.

  7. Mark

    Just got my sons squat rack and what an absolute bargain for such a solid piece of kit. Easy to erect and everything looks great. Ben kept me informed about delays and delivery date changes which were beyond his control, even though i was a pain in the butt. Will most certainly bee using them for any other gym equipment needs. Thanks again and hope you grow from strength to strength.

  8. Gaz

    Seems everybody had the same experience as me. Took three months to arrive, after being given several arrival dates which kept being delayed, although I’m quite sure a delivery came in at least once and I was missed off the dispatch list by the warehouse team. Shane did send me some free goods out though as compensation with was much appreciated. When it did finally turn up only one out of the two boxes required arrived and the box was quite knocked and battered. There were some scratches and scuffs to the paint work of the contents but nothing that bothered me much. I contacted Shane and as ever he was quick to respond and they located my second box in the courier’s warehouse which then turned up at my house two days later. This was great apart from the fact two identical boxes actually arrived (meaning I now had somebody else’s second box lol). Anyway, I contacted Shane again on messenger (don’t bother trying to phone as nobody ever answers) and he quickly arranged collection to get it out of my way. The gym comes without assembly instructions of any sort but I contacted Shane and he sent me a link to some on a website, and although they don’t match this power tower exactly, it was easy enough to follow and work it out. It took me about an hour or so to build it by myself.
    It’s a good solid bit of kit and the pulley system is far smoother than I expected and great value for money. I’m actually really pleased I bought it and resisted the urge to insist on a refund (which Shane did offer me several times by the way). Lots of things Hygym can improve on as a business but they’re a new start up and growing fast in a challenging time so I can sympathize with that.
    I would have given top marks if it wasn’t for the few niggles mentioned above. In summary, great kit, fantastic price, good honest communication from Shane, once Hygym iron out a few of these teething problems I’m sure they have the potential to do very well. If you’re in a hurry to receive your gym, order elsewhere but pay a lot more, if you’re happy to wait a bit you won’t be disappointed I’m sure.

  9. Sam

    Great product for the price, highly recommend. wasn’t bothered about the wait after seeing a pals set up!

  10. Michael Tabb

    I received my squat rack just before Christmas I had to wait a few months for it. But I have to say it was worth the wait my son an his friends love it . It was worth every penny you won’t get anything like it for the price I paid. Great for home gym .

  11. Vik

    5 star rack , 2 star service.

    Had many issues with getting rack due to delays and service from customer support, no one actually picks up the phone and VM box is full, email comms are only way to get in touch. Ordered on start of sept with advertised Nov delivery, delays occurred though understandable, major issue for me where multiple miss communication with delivery. Booked 2 separate days off with no show… then delivery where I wasn’t in.

    The rack is basically china build, box came very bagged up, very little padding inside to protect the items, luckily I had no major damage to the rack some light scuffs, J clamps where little bent but these where bent back.

    The instructions are a guidance and not correct, recommend laying out the rack first before building and using website pictures to see the fittings, took me 3hrs to build on my own but is very solid (I also had a bolt missing which needs replacing).

    The pully system is good, added some machine lube to make it more slick and glides really well. I recommend adding weights to the back of the safety pin handles, so the rack has some weight before using the lower pully system or dips handles as the rack is unstable without weight on it (its quite light without weights). The pully does have a 2.5cm and 5cm attachment (you need to remove the 5cm attachment using an Alan key).

    The J clamps can hold both 6 & 7ft barbells but recommend the 7ft.

    For price this is one of the best racks you can find with a pully system, don’t think any other can compare in 2020. Its a brilliant rack.

    Some recommendations to HyGYM, plate storage pins behind rack, attachments for vertical barbell holder and lower pully system foot plates (lots of potential for this rack).

  12. Martyn

    Its a little disappointing compared to the original picture, the current pictures are a good representation of the rack received. A few points are, the pull up bar can’t be reversed as advertised, instructions are a few pictures with no writing, I managed to put it together pretty easily regardless. Overall happy with the rack for the money. Seems decent enough but time will tell.

  13. Sam

    Very happy with this bit of kit, took a while to arrive but with the state of the world I feel that’s totally understandable. Ever so slightly different to original images (only significant difference being the safety bars and the grip options on the pull up bar) but it’s all solid for purpose. Only thing I would say is that one of the cables received was about 4-5inch too short, meaning I had to do a little extra work to it.
    All in all top shelf product for a fantastic price.

  14. Christopher Hammond

    Fantastic power rack for the price. The pull up bar and pulley system are real bonuses. Delivery was as expected in the current environment only downside was the build instructions but with some trial and error it can be done in an hour or so

  15. Mark

    Great stock choice and after careful selection and guidance ordered! The team were good to help consolidate the order and notified me of a substantial delay to the dumb bells. The rest as they say was all supply chain impacted by COVID. Getting hold of the team and asking directly helped give me clarity on where the order was and progress, which helped as things did go quiet for a bit and parts of the order turned up at different times.

    However, the kit is amazing and great quality at a great price. Best I’ve seen around…..these guys are underrated and would definitely come back for other kit.

    Instructions for assembly are a bit hit and miss and you definitely need a clear picture of what you are building.

  16. Josh

    Received mine last week, absolutely chuffed with it. After reading a few comments about not being able to install the pull up bar upside down I deciced to call the business. I spoke with Paul and he reassured me that the pull-up can be installed upside
    down and that the cables are in fact long enough. I was advised that due to poor instructions in the first batch customers were having difficulty figuring out how to do this.

    I can assure you all the bar can infact be installed upside down and the cables are long enough, great communication from hygym and the new instructions and step by step videos are spot on. I will certainly be back for more equipment as I am kitting out my home gym.

  17. Benjamin Goodwin

    For the price, you cannot go wrong. Sturdy bit of kit that works as expected. I traded up to a rack after having three bits of kit from another fitness equipment company and I am not disappointed. I ordered at the start of December 2020 and received at the end of January 2021. I only contacted once and had a speedy reply and update.

    The only downside I found was during assembly and the instructions. The paper instructions are difficult and I found them useless. The online link instructions are better, but it is still sometimes unclear what parts you need. Trial and error was key. I thankfully had all parts and nothing broken or damaged in transit. Assembly took about 2 – 3 hours because of making sure I had everything in the correct place. This is why I give the rack 4 stars. I worried when I got to the pulley wheels as I had to attach them in my own way as the bolts seemed to short and didn’t give enough thread to screw on. Trial and error, and you will get there. Maybe an update on the online instructions with more pictures on both sides to ensure you know what you are doing. Or even a video follow through.

    Overall, I am chuffed with this purchase. It fits great in the garage, my 6ft olympic bar sits perfectly on it, pulley works well (some silicone oil on the cables will help make it go smoother as another customer pointed out. Will be buying again from this company to update the home gym.

  18. samdavidhall

    Very happy with this. Similar comments to a lot of the other reviews in terms of instructions, the paper manual is worse than useless. It’s worth noting that the red and blue racks are not the same, so if you bought the blue rack and were sent the red rack manual online, you’ll quickly find out that the pictures in the manual and what you have do not match (much to my amusement). Once I got sent the correct instructions, it took a couple of hours to build, if that. A lot of people are saying the pull up bar cannot be fitted upside down. I had this issue, but the guys told me that you need to use the metal plates to act as spacers, and then it can be fitted upside down. After a bit of force and moving the bars around, it worked! So it can be fitted above or below the top of the rack, which was a big selling point for me. Overall, feels well made and for the price you won’t find anything close on the market. The guys are always helpful and quick to respond. This isn’t the first thing I’ve bought from HyGym and won’t be the last.

  19. Chris Kelly

    Received mine in Dec so been using for a couple of months now. Great bit of kit, especially for the money given comparable racks are a lot more expensive at the moment.
    There are enough reviews already bemoaning the instructions so I won’t repeat!
    Pulley can be a little sticky, but that is the nature of that design. Bit of oil will help. It’s certainly a big plus having the pulley. Something to help anchor you for lat pull-downs would be a good accessory. I’m currently wedging my knees under an EZ bar which is under the spotter bars.
    I’m being picky now but one minor gripe is the j cups. Solid enough but the flat, long design means the bar rolls around a lot on them

    Good kit, buy one! 👌

  20. jay

    Ordered my rack start October, received mine start of December after a few delays. Very friendly staff with quick responses of updates via email. I’ve been using this rack for a couple of months now. I absolutely love it and especially for the money given if you compare to the racks are a lot more expensive at the moment. Yeah the instructions weren’t great but after playing about with it, it’s easy to join up. The pulley cable can be a little stiff at times, but that can be easily fixed with few adjustments and a bit of oil. Only negative I really can give is I wish I got it by Lockdown 2.0 in November, instead of after it finished. So far it’s been great and very sturdy and solid. One of the best decisions and purchases I’ve made. Also they could have thrown maybe a free attachment of some sort after delaying it a few times, like a seated row:c bar attachment for the pulley. Haha 😬

    Overall great piece of equipment, can’t beat for the price. Buy it and go get some gains 💪🏻

    Good kit, buy one! 👌

  21. Graham S.

    Good value for money. Assembly video is helpful, pity that one of the bolts was the wrong size.

  22. john ranby

    Ordered August 1st 2021, saw the reviews about delays, was happy to wait as everyone said solid equipment. I think everywhere was the same last year with Covid and Gyms closed as couldn’t get the weight I wanted anywhere. Didn’t know about Hygym then.
    Order took just 3 days to be delivered, well happy, just finished putting it together, again straight forward. They email you instructions on the order confirmation as I believe the old instructions, people struggled with. Instructions have a good clear picture for each step so you really can’t go wrong and I’m usually terrible at stuff like this. Couldn’t wait to try it out and feels like proper quality. Big thumbs up from me and definitely ordering some more gear after looking at their other equipment.

  23. Michael Scott

  24. Gurdeep

    Really happy with the quality of this squat rack and for the price, it is the best rack going. The order was dispatched quickly and came a few days after ordering. Great customer service, I would definitely recommend this product and Hygym.

  25. Allan Stoneman

    I have not had a chance to put it up yet, but I cannot fault the delivery.

  26. Anonymous

    Instructions are a bit vague, however eventually got there! Great product and price considering it has a pulley system! Service from HyGYM itself has been great, any questions were promptly answered by Ben who was most helpful. Would definitely use again and highly recommend!

  27. jan charman

    The product supplied is of good quantity for the price. There were some problems with missing parts however the service manger was quick to get back to me helping out with getting the replacement parts delivered.

  28. James Leaf

    So close to 5. For the price, this is definitely a 5/5, but on a strict merit view, I’ve given it 4.
    Let’s start with the positives.
    The rack is sturdy. It’s free standing and I haven’t anchored it in any way yet, but (stood on rubber mats), but it does not seem easily moved. I have even geared an extra pulley (via bottom pulley to a hanging pulley off the pull up bar) for lateral moving face pulls, etc, and even then it does not move the rack. Even with little weight on it (added weight on the pulley, being at the back, would be even sturdier – I tried). Unless you’re a giant power lifter, have no fear. Likewise with the weight limit: I haven’t checked what guage the steel is, but it’s sturdy.

    The pulley runs smoothly (especially if you add a little wd40 to the slider and the pulleys) and it comes with accessories such as the hooks, dip bars and spotters. So it’s a great all rounder. And it fits a 6 foot olympic bar (standard doesn’t quite fit, but it you were to add some clamps on the end to widen the collar before plate loading, I think you’d be fine). Comparing it to another similar company online, it’s about 2 cm thinner, and comparing to a popular rack on amazon which claims to fit a 6 foot bar, it’s about 10cm thinner. I really struggle to see how the latter fits a 6 ft olympic bar – it must only just fit between the collars. There’s not masses of room here on either end, So as a space saver, this is a good rack to choose (factoring for storage needs, my garage is just a bit too small for a 7 ft bar).

    As for the negative: the J hooks are in no way padded. May mean chipped pain / chrome bar finishing long run, which, being in a garage, might lead to rust. Not a major: I can add a layer of cork or thin rubber strip. Also, the finish of the spotter bars is rough (not a smooth chrome like finish), which means it does not slide smoothly through the holes and screeches (steel on steel). Again, I’ve rubbed a little wd40 around the holes, which marginally helps. Additionally, holes are wider spaced than would have liked, which meant I had to (fractionally) compensate on bench press depth (one too low, one slightly too high – it’s minor). But, too many holes does compromise the steel, so it is what it is. On the plus, I have a tendency to have arms wide in bench press, putting strain on my rotator cuffs. Being a thinner rack, I cannot do this without banging my elbows, forcing me to move my arms to a shallower than 90 degree angle, which hits my chest better. However, if you’re taller (I’m maybe 6ft1), you may struggle with the rack width being a little too thin.

    As for the rack, the hex bolts are fractionally too long compared to the assembly instructions online. No issues, except for the pulley: the weights catch if too tight. Meant loading smaller weights first (sometimes I only want large plates). Additionally, the metal plates on the pulley balls were loose: for the low pulley, this shredded some vinyl off the cable on the first use. However, the company was very approachable and were excellent to communicate with. They are sending me a smaller bolt and replacement cable, and the metal plate isn’t really needed for the low pulley, so I simply slid it along to the chain attachment and it now works fine (it’s meant to protect the stopper ball from damage against the pulley, but there is enough give around the pulley wheel that this won’t happen. Top pulley, the plate moved with the ball, so no issues.

    Company also great at responding: I asked a LOT of questions, they answered well, they sorted the issues mentioned, so the customer service deserves a 6/5. Few teething issues, none beyond solving myself (company happy to replace issues), confident with purchase. Best rack I could find for space saving, great value. Would be confident to buy from HyGYM again.

    Delivery was also speedy too (post covid delays – what did people expect??) – I ordered mid-day and had it by the next day. Which was ideal.

  29. Steven g.

    Very happy with the product and instructions to build, especially the online step by step. Extremely good value for money and I’m excited to get lots of varieties of workouts out of the equipment!

  30. mark neeson

    Excellent communication between customer services as myself. Although I have yet to start using this piece of equipment I will say this, it arrived within the time frame indicated to me, within 10 days. I constructed this myself using the online instructions link sent with the confirmation order email and it only took me 2.5 hours. Now I have to just sit down and prepare a workout programme to get started, can’t wait. All in all 10 out 10 so far, and would def recommend ordering from this fledgling company. Great start guys thank you.

  31. Stuart Cheyne

    Ordered the tack on a Friday. It was a bank holiday on the Monday but still arrived on Tuesday. The rack is sturdy and well built. I would suggest following the instructions that are on line to build not the paper instructions that come with the rack.

  32. Claire

    Fantastic quality and really pleased with it. It’s sturdy, well made and has feels solid… Safe to say I’ve cancelled my gym membership! Between the paper instructions and online information we assembled it within a couple of hours with no major difficulties. It arrived super fast with great communication from HyGym with delivery etc. I really couldn’t recommend them enough and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again – 5*

  33. Stephen Jones

    Excellent piece of kit, just one suggestion maybe add a small bottle if lubricant to put on the chrome tube for the cable attachment slide, sticks without lubricant

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