Why has Klarna denied my purchase?

Unfortunately due to GDPR, Klarna does not give us a reason why a purchase was not successful.  

Pay Later and Pay in 3 services are not universally available and are always subject to an individual assessment. There are a number of reasons why a customer may have been denied, including;

– their billing address is not registered on the UK electoral roll (this might be the case if they have moved to a new address within the past 12 months).

– the card being used does not match their billing address exactly (the billing address should also match the shipping address exactly).

– unsatisfactory assessment / purchase amount too high (Klarna has decided to not lend credit to this customer based on their lending policy)

– previous Klarna history (if they have previously used Klarna and had any flags raised)

– Customers must be 18+ to use Klarna

Also please be aware that multiple attempts of the same details within a short period of time, will be denied. In this case you would need to wait 48hrs before attempting again with the same details.
In the case of a denied purchase we encourage customers to get in touch with Klarna customer support on either 02030050833 or on the online chat service via https://www.klarna.com/uk/customer-service