Squat Rack (Red) Instructions

Red Squat Rack UK Assembly Instructions

Please note washers have not been used in the demonstration images – however we do advise the use of washers for your rack, these are included.

  1. Lay the three floor bars out. Make sure the holes are in the same position as displayed in the image, and that the two bars you will be attaching the four vertical bars to are the longest of the six straight non vertical bars. The third floor bar is the shorter straight bar with the flat face plate as displayed in the image.
  1. Using the long hexagon headed bolts attach the two side floor bars to the back floor bar as shown.
Squat Rack instruction steps
  1. Now attach the four upright bars to the floor bars using the shortest provided hex headed bolts. You do not need any nuts to attach these, simply screw them in from the top. It is very important that these four bars are installed in the correct positions of squat rack UK. The back vertical bars on the side that the pulley system sits must have the L shaped face plates at the bottom and the U shaped face plates at the top. The front vertical bars must be the reverse of this, with the U shaped face plates at the bottom and the L shaped face plates at the top.
Squat Rack instruction screenshot
  1. Now attach the top bar with the L shaped face plate to the top of the vertical bars on the same side of the rack as the shortest floor bar. Use the longest provided hex headed bolts for this.
  1. Now fit the two remaining top bars from front to back, again using the longest hex headed bolts.
Squat Rack screenshot
  1. At the front of the rack now attach the red pull-up bar. You can do this above or below the top line of the rack depending on your requirements.
  1. Now attach the bottom of the pulley system using the long hex headed bolts.
Squat Rack instruction
  1. Attach the long vertical silver bar into the top of the pulley system mounting you have just fitted. For the vertical silver bar section use the 70mm hex headed bolts. 
  1. Slide the weight plate holder down to the bottom of the vertical silver bar.
Squat Rack snapshot
  1. Attach the top section of the pulley system.
Squat Rack instruction
  1. Now assemble the two wheeled section and put the remaining pulley system wheels into the rack with the black shoulder washers and hex bolts as displayed.
Squat Rack pulley system
  1. Thread the end of the pulley cable through the underside of top of the pulley system wheel as displayed, and then feed it down through the back of the next wheel along on the top bar.
Squat Rack pulley system
Squat Rack
  1. Next, loop the cable through the middle of the double wheeled section as displayed, and feed it around the underneath of the upper of these two wheels.
Squat Rack
  1. Then feed the cable back up and over the top of the highest wheel in the vertical bar as displayed.
Squat Rack vertical bar
  1. Feed the cable all the way down the back of the silver vertical bar, and then screw the two smallest bolts into the back of the weight plate holder as displayed.
Squat Rack holder
  1. Now add the final wheel at the bottom of the rack using a hex bolt.
Squat Rack hex bolt
  1. Feed the remaining cable underneath the bottom wheel and then up and around the top of the lower wheel of the two wheeled section as displayed.
Squat Rack lower wheel
  1. Feed the cable back down, attach it to the chain, and then to the bottom of the frame as displayed.
Squat Rack Cable
  1. Use the other chains on the included attachments.
Squat Rack chains
  1. Add the safety bars, J cups and dip bars where ever you require them.
  1. Once all these steps have been followed, complete a safety check and make sure all nuts & bolts are securely fastened.

  You are now ready for your workout 🏋️‍♀️