Elevate Your Gym Experience with HyGYM’s Premium Rubber Mats

Uncompromising Safety and Durability

HyGYM’s premium rubber gym flooring ensures maximum safety during intense workouts. Moreover, its exceptional durability and anti-slip surface provide a secure foundation for weightlifting and cardio exercises.

Protective Shield and Supreme Comfort

In addition, HyGYM’s rubber flooring acts as a protective shield, safeguarding your floor from scratches and damage caused by heavy gym equipment. Not only that, but its cushioned surface offers optimal support and shock absorption, ensuring supreme comfort during floor exercises and stretches.

Versatility and Customization Made Easy

Seamlessly integrate HyGYM’s rubber gym flooring with underfloor heating systems is a breeze. Additionally, customizing it to fit your specific floor space requirements is quick and hassle-free.

Superior Craftsmanship and Stylish Options

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our premium rubber gym flooring boasts a substantial 15mm thickness. What’s more, each tile measures 1m x 1m, allowing for a seamless installation process. To suit your aesthetic preferences, choose from our wide variety of stylish options.

Unparalleled Quality and Safety Features

HyGYM’s rubber gym mats are built to last, enduring rigorous workouts and heavy foot traffic with ease. Furthermore, its non-slip surface ensures a secure grip, promoting a safe exercise environment.

Elevate Your Gym with HyGYM

Make the decision to invest in HyGYM’s premium rubber gym flooring to elevate your workout space. Experience unparalleled safety, durability, and comfort that will take your gym to new heights. Whether it’s a commercial gym, a home-based fitness area, or a transformed garage, HyGYM will provide exceptional quality that surpasses your expectations.

HyGYM 24 Month Warranty

HyGYM stands behind the quality and durability of its premium rubber gym flooring with a 24-month warranty. As a result, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that in the rare event of any manufacturing defects or issues, our warranty ensures prompt support and assistance. HyGYM is committed to delivering not only outstanding products but also exceptional customer service. Choose HyGYM for your gym flooring needs and experience the confidence of our 24-month warranty.

Unlock the full potential of your workout space with HyGYM’s rubber mats. Elevate your gym, optimize your performance, and enjoy a safe and stylish exercise environment. Make the choice to choose HyGYM’s rubber gym flooring and experience the transformative power of superior quality.

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Product Dimensions

Weight: 12kg per tile

Width: 1m x 1m

Thickness: 1.5cm

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  1. Nice finish

  2. I think these are excellent mats – heavy enough to stay put when in use, but light enough to easily move when you need to. Had quite a strong rubbery smell when new, but this seemed just like a typical ‘gym smell’ to me, and has faded anyway over the next 2-3 months.

  3. Excellent product at very fair price. Really quite heavy which means they stay in place. One reviewer commented on the odour, and they do have a strong rubbery smell, but that is simply the same smell that you get in gyms generally.

  4. Excellent service, great mats

  5. So, we Veall I am pleased with the function and robustness of these gym mats. The purchase process was smooth, delivery was prompt. However, a couple of negatives unfortunately. Firstly I was a little disappointed to find that quite a lot of the mats were stained with what looks like water damage. It was as though they had had a small, but constant drip on them wherever they were stored. Secondly a few of the mats had mould on them. Nothing that wasn’t resolved by a quick scrub but disappointing for them to be delivered in this state. The final negative is one which I don’t think can be avoided, it’s the best time overwhelming smell the mats have. It is an intensely strong smell, akin to “melted rubber”. I thought it may settle. They have been installed in the gym a good few months now and it’s as strong as ever. I have to work out with the windows open which kind of negates the £2,000 I spent on the air conditioning. Okay break I cannot fault the function of these mats. They are robust and will last me a lifetime. They’re easy to install and the cutting process didn’t leave huge amounts of mess. Just worth mentioning the smell and condition they arrived in so other buyers are aware.

  6. Great service as always. Very happy with the product. Would fully recommend.

  7. Amazing product arrived quickly, I’ve ordered other items from HYGYM and the quality has always been out of this world

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