Enhance Your Workouts with HyGYM Olympic Dumbbell Bars

Experience the ultimate bicep training with the HyGYM Olympic dumbbell bars. These bicep bars are designed to elevate your workouts. Maximize your gains, and build powerful biceps. Let’s look into the details and explore why these bars are a true game-changer for your training.

Optimize Your Bicep Training with Precision

To kick things off, these bicep dumbbell bars come as a pair, with 4 spring collars that lock your weights in place, and notably, with a 25mm grip and a knurled finish, these bars offer good grip and control.

Unleash the Power of Robust Construction

Made from strong steel and a striking chrome finish, these dumbbell bars are built to withstand the test of time. Additionally their robust build ensures strength, allowing you to push your limits without any worries about the equipment’s quality . Bid farewell to flimsy handles and enjoy the top quality and sturdiness that these bars bring to your workouts, ensuring a safe and effective training session.

Compatible with Olympic Weight Plates

The real standout feature of the HyGYM Olympic dumbbell bars is their seamless compatibility with 2″ Olympic weight plates.  Additionally you can load and adjust the weights according to your desired level. Say goodbye to limited weight options and welcome the flexibility to customize your workouts.

Elevate Your  Training Experience

With the dumbbell bars at your disposal, you have the option to lift your training to new heights. with that, you can strengthen your biceps, all while relishing the convenience and effectiveness of these loadable dumbbell handles. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or a pro lifter seeking new challenges, these bars earn their place as an valid addition to your home gym.

HyGYM 24 Month Warranty

HyGYM stands behind the quality of their Olympic Dumbbell Bars with a 24-month warranty, providing peace of mind to customers.

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Product Specification

Weight:  5kgs each

Sleeve length: 15cm



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