Warrior By HyGYM Olympic Cerakote Barbell is easily the most popular choice amongst fitness enthusiasts when it comes to weight training, as they offer far more versatility than fixed-weight machines.

Now, thanks to the fantastic Warrior 7ft Olympic Barbell it is possible to add even more excitement and variety to your training program.

Our Warrior bars are available stunning matte black, Red and Blue with a Mesh effect knurled handle to provide that extra grip.

With a max load of 450Kg (1000Ibs), you can maximise your weights to fit your personal needs.

Suitable for Olympic bumper plates, the Olympic barbell is fully compatible with your power cage but also easily stored in your home or garage gym.

Challenge yourself with a full list of exercises such as, bench press, bicep curls, squat, lunge and many more. The barbell can help to target all the major muscle groups allowing toning and strengthening.

Benefits of a cerakote finish :

Superior Corrosion Resistance: Cerakote protects barbells from rust and corrosion, ideal for humid environments and exposure to sweat.

Durable Ceramic Coating: Withstands abrasion, impact, and wear, ensuring the barbell’s longevity and robust performance.

Easy Maintenance: Smooth, non-porous surface simplifies cleaning, with sweat and debris easily wiped away.


Warrior Olympic Barbell By HyGYM Features:

  • 450KG Max Load
  • Compatible with HyGYM squat rack
  • Included weight clips
  • Ceracote Finish
  • available in black, blue or Red
  • 20Kg barbell


At HyGYM we offer a 24 month warranty to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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