HyGYM Clearance Squat Rack  Assembly Instructions

This page outlines the Squat Rack Instructions for assembling the HyGYM Clearance Squat Rack.

Please note: washers have not been used in the demonstration images. We do advise that washers are used for assembling your squat rack. Washers are included in your order.

*Do not fully tighten the bolts until the build is complete.

Step 1

Lay the three floor Lay the three floor bars out. Make sure the holes are in the same position, and that the two bars you will be attaching the four vertical bars to are the longest of the six straight non vertical bars. The third floor bar is the shorter straight bar with the flat face plate, as displayed in the image.

Step 2

Using the long round headed bolts, attach the two side bars to the back bar and attach the plates to the outside of the bars.

Step 3

Now attach the four upright bars to the floor bars using the long round headed bolts. Make sure to attach the bolts from the bottom up, as displayed in the image. Also, make sure that the holes are at the bottom of the vertical bars (see the red arrow in the picture below).

Step 4

Now attach the shortest remaining bar to the top of the vertical bars on the same side of the rack as the shortest floor bar. Make sure to use the use the same round headed bolts.

Step 5

Now fit the two longest remaining bars from front to back.

Step 6

At the front of the rack, attach the pull-up bar.

Step 7

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Add the safety bars, J cups and dip bars where ever you require them. Once all these steps have been followed, complete a safety check and make sure that all of the nuts and bolts are securely fastened.

You are now ready for your workout 🏋️‍♀️