HyGYM velcro stackable plyo jump boxes are a must-have piece of equipment if you’re looking to change up your home gym workouts. The non-slip textured finish provides great traction and support when jumping on and off the boxes. This means you can get the most out of your HIIT workout, keeping you on track with your training.

Jump boxes are great for explosiveness and building strength in your legs.

Box Jumps, Rotational Jumps, Alternative Leg Step-Ups and Weighted Jumps, are just a few exercises that can be done with the HyGYM Velcro adjustable plyo jump boxes .

These jump boxes can be purchased individually, or as a complete stack, which includes 6″ 12″ 18″ 24″ height boxes.


HyGYM’s Jump Box Heights: 

Individual Sizes,
Full Stack H-154cm W-90cm D-75cm.
6″               H-15.24   W-90cm D-75cm.
12″             H-30.48  W-90cm D-75cm
18″             H-45.72  W-90cm D-75cm
24″             H-60.96 W-90cm D-75cm

Product Dimensions

6″: 15.24 x 90 x 75cm

12″: 30.48 x 90 x 75cm

18″: 45.72 x 90 x 75cm

24″: 60.96 x 90 x 75cm

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