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    HyGYM Multi-Gym Squat Rack



    • Squat rack
    • Diameter of holes in upright; 25mm
    • Diameter of upright; 50mm
    • Pull up bar (up to 200kg load)
    • Dual cable pulley system suitable for BOTH for 2.5 and 5cm weight plates (up to 100kg load )
    • Pulley Attachments Included
    • Adjustable dip handles (up to 300kg load)
    • Steel J-cups suitable for Olympic 6′ and 7′ Barbells (up to 300kg load)
    • Safety pins (up to 300kg load)
    • Height – 205cm (Pull up bar down) /220cm (Pull up bar upwards)
    • Width – 112cm
    • Depth – 140cm

    Detailed Step by step build instructions are sent on order confimination or can be found here  

    The pull-up bar can be installed upside down to save space. 4 x M10 80mm hex bolts and spacers are required to do this and not included.

    Checkout the squat rack in action > HyGYM Multi Gym Squat Rack video


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    HyGYM Adjustable POWER Weight Bench

    • Incline/Decline
    • Adjustable Weight Bench
    • F2 Foam For Comfort And Stability
    • Work Out From Home Bench
    • Target More Muscle Groups
    • Maximum Load 300KG


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    HyGYM Home Spin Bike

    HyGYM Ultimate Spin Bike

    • Max load 150Kg
    • Advanced digital LCD
    • 24 month warranty
    • 8Kg Electroplated flywheel
    • Hy Logo on wheel
  • Tricep Cable Attachment UK

    HyGYM Multi Gym Cable Attachment



    • Compatible with HyGYM power rack
    • Durable rope
    • Rubber end grips
    • Easy hook-up



    HyGYM IWF Olympic Bumper Plates Set

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    HyGYM Adjustable Kettlebell

    18KG HyGYM Adjustable Kettlebell



    • 3.6KG – 18KG Adjustable Kettlebell
    • Designed for Durability
    • Quick Adjust
    • Wide Weight Range
    • Dual Lock Safety Feature
    • Space Saving


  • Seated Row Attachment

    HyGYM Multi Gym Seated Row Attachment



    • Compatible with HyGYM power rack
    • Durable material
    • Rubber grips
    • Easy hook-up
    • Multi-use attachment


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    HyGYM Garage Dip Bars UK

    HyGYM Parallel Dip Bars | XL Pro Parallettes



    • 38mm handle for better grip
    • Fully collapsible
    • Weight 8Kg
    • Ideal for calisthenics, street workout and CrossFit
    • Multifunctional
    • Powder coated matte black finish
    • Legs exercise: assisted pistol squats
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    6ft HyGYM Olympic Barbell | Squat and deadlift bar



    • 320KG Max Load
    • Compatible with HyGYM squat rack
    • Included weight clips
    • 15Kg barbell